What Others are Saying...

" I came across this site just by browsing and I’m so glad I found it.  I like the whole set up and it is so easy to read.  The information deals with everyday life and I find that it does address issues our elderly parents face.  It’s good to see that someone else can relate.  We bought the seat assist cushion and my dad loves it.  He takes it with him everywhere."

Joan C.   Virginia

" I’m a caregiver for my elderly mother.  I really appreciate the information on this website.  It makes me feel that someone understands how I sometimes feel.  I bought the sliding bath bench from their affiliate and I have to say it has made it so much easier for me to bathe her.  I find the information very helpful and it makes it easy to find things.  I subscribed and love to receive new information as soon as it comes out."

Michelle,  California

"I find the information on this website very usefulI like the fact that it deals with real life issues in a straight forward manner.   We found a device for my dad's hearing loss that he actually likes and it makes a  huge difference for all of us.  Thank you so much..."

Elena, California

" purchased from their affiliate before and I can say the staff was really good at helping us find a phone that was suitable for my dad.  He has trouble talking on the phone because his voice is so weak.  We were able to get a phone that makes it possible for us to hear him clearly where we couldn’t before.  The service was great". 

Mark,  New Mexico

"I have this site saved in my favorites and subscribed to the email list.  I like getting all the new information.   It's good to know what's out there.   I knew exactly where to go and  what to look for when I needed to get a special phone for my mom.   Thank you for doing what you do".

Nicole,  Florida

" This website helped me sort things out.  I got some good information that helped me get my mom situated after her surgery.   It was so much easier to talk to her doctor and help her adjust and deal with her mobility limitations.  We found devices that were just right for her and that made such a difference.  Thank you so much."

Cathy ,  New York