Adult Bed Rails Offer Many Solutions

Adult bed rails can be used for different purposes depending on the need.    The most common use is to keep people from falling while sleeping.   Safety bed rails for elderly people are typically available in different models and styles to accommodate specific situations.

Installing bed rails is fairly simple; selecting one to suit your specific needs can be difficult.  You will first need to assess your needs.  Bed rails for elderly people can:

  • Protect you from falling.   Seniors and people with disabilities are known to fall while they sleep.  This can cause injuries such as bone fractures or other condition.
  • Help you turn or move around.   People who have trouble turning or adjusting to a more comfortable position on their own appreciate this support.  A trapeze can also be used for this purpose.
  • Provide the support you need to get in or out of bed.  Many seniors find it difficult to do this on their own due to balance issues.  This support helps you keep your balance while you stand up at your own pace. 

Once you have assessed your situation you will need to decide which type of rail will be suitable for you.

What Type of Adult Bed Rails Do You Need?

Adult Bed PadsBed Rail Pads to protect you while sleeping

Half length bed rails or full length- These are commonly used on both sides for people who are at risk of falling.   Padding can be added as a bumper so that the skin does not go directly against the rail. It also protects from getting trapped between rail openings.

Portable- This is compact and is designed to provide support as needed even if you are traveling.  It is easy to carry around, take it with you wherever you go (picture on the right)

Support Rails- These are designed mostly to provide support to maneuver around the bed and to get in or out. They are not designed for people who need full protection.

Adjustable- Some of these models can be adjusted to accommodate queen or king size.  Adjustments may be also be in length or in height (see top right of this page).

Travel Size Bed RailPortable Bed Support

Pivoting rail - There are models that can pivot down and out of the way at your convenience; place them on one side or both sides of the bed (see picture at top left of this page)

These are just the basic types to give you an idea of what is generally available.  There are variations within these types as well as additional models. 

When making your selection remember to check the weight capacity to make sure the model you are interested in is suitable for your weight.

Take a look around our website to see which of the adult bed rails will suit your needs.

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