Bath Lifts for the Elderly
Make Bathing Safer and Easier

Bath lifts for the elderly make entering and exiting the tub much safer and easier. They are typically battery operated or water-powered seats with side flaps that extend to the ledge of the bathtub and slip securely into the tub by using a remote control.

They can also be used as bath lifts for disabled seniors; the side flaps facilitate transferring onto the seat.  Once transferred the seat can be lowered into the tub for an enjoyable bath.

Bathrooms are the most common area where accidents are likely to occur.  Let’s face it; the wet areas are a danger to anyone, not just the elderly.  However, seniors are more prone to injury in the washroom for various reasons including weakened muscles which can easily trigger loss of balance.

Did You Know This?

37.3% of injuries in bathrooms are related to bathing, showering or getting out of the tub or shower.

Moving around the curvy inner part of the tub can be challenging for an older adult.  Standing and moving in a wet shower space can be just as challenging.  Slipping while standing in a tub or shower is not uncommon.  Unfortunately injuries from slips and falls can be serious.

While using grab bars will provide support you still move around in the wet space.  

Bathing Made Simple with Bath Lifts for the Elderly

These bathing lifts are easy to operate and don’t require any installation.  They simplify the bathing experience for those who would otherwise have difficulty accomplishing this on their own.  

The two side flaps extend on the tub ledge to facilitate the transfer in while you sit comfortably.  Once situated the remote control is used to lower the seat to the bottom so you can enjoy a good soak.  When done, the remote is used to bring it back up so you can transfer out.

Experience Enjoyable Baths with Bathtub Lifts

There are different types of bath tub lifts to suit different preferences.   Some models remain fixed in a sitting position and may have various color options to choose from.   A reclining bath lift allows you to recline while bathing for added comfort and relaxation.  

Whether you select a fixed or reclining model, bath Lifts for the Elderly offer a safer bathing experience and makes the process easier and more comfortable with minimum effort.

They do not by any means replace the need for support bars.  You should have those wherever support is needed; especially around the toilet because that is another area where falls commonly occur as seniors try to sit and stand on their own.  

Take a look at the bath tub lift video at the top right side of this page for more details.

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