Bathroom for Elderly:
Some Things You Should Know

A bathroom for elderly people needs proper attention as it's typically the most common area for injury in an elder’s home.  As more seniors are opting to remain in their home as they age, bathroom remodeling for the elderly is becoming more common.  This can also be expensive. 

In the meantime there are simple safety precautions you can take to make an elderly bathroom a safer environment.  Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • Seniors need support when moving around in this space
  • Wet surfaces are hazardous

One out of three people 65 years old or older falls each year.

Did you know this?

The bathroom is the most common area where falls result in injuries such as hip fractures

Here are some bathroom safety tips to help prevent falls in your washroom:

Check List for a Safer Bathroom for Elderly People

  1. Install shower grab bars in the shower and/or in your tub
  2. A toilet seat riser on your toilet, one with arms if you need some support
  3. A plastic chair in the tub or shower strong enough to support your weight
  4. Check the weight capacity of the seat you place in your shower or tub
  5. Check the width of the seat prior to purchasing to make sure it will fit
  6. A hand-held shower head/nozzle so you can bathe while in your seat
  7. Non-skid mat in your tub or shower
  8. Support bar near the toilet or a toilet seat frame
  9. Good lighting
  10. Keep things you need at easy reach

Using these bathroom aids safety products doesn't guarantee an accident will not happen.  However, these precautionary measures can make it a safer environment and lower the risk of a fall. 

bathtub safety rail, bath safety seatMake your bathroom a safer environment

Other Options for an Elderly Bathroom

A fixture such as an adjustable bathroom safety pole with a bar that pivots facilitates transfers and provides support while you move around.

A bath lift allows you to transfer into the tub while seated and once in the tub you can lower the bath lift into the tub by using the remote. You can even recline it for a comfortable and enjoyable bath (picture on the right)

Once you’re done the seat lifts you back up so you can exit the tub.  All of this takes place while you remain seated (see video at Bath Lift related page link below ).

A walk-in tub also offers safer bathing.  This type of tub has a low step door that allows you to enter and exit the tub area with minimum effort.

Bathtub Lift

You can also transfer into the tub by using a transfer device for an enjoyable bathing experience.

These are just some of the devices you can use and things you can do to improve safety in a bathroom for elderly people. 

Look around our website for more tips and checklists to make your home environment more suitable for your needs as you age.

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