Bathroom Safety Grab Bars
Help You Move Around with Ease

Bathroom safety grab bars make using the washroom easier for the elderly and seniors with disabilities.  Holding on to these support bars make moving around the bathroom safer and easier for those with impaired mobility who cannot accomplish this on their own.  

While these are one of the most important equipment in a bathroom designs for handicapped people they are equally important in elderly bathrooms.

Many seniors cannot use the washroom effectively without this support.   This equipment must be installed properly in order to avoid malfunction and related injuries.   Professional installation by a licensed contractor is highly recommended.

Bathroom Safety Grab Bars Offer style Options

They are available in different shapes, styles, sizes, colors and finishes to suit your needs and or preferences.    Some models are quite stylish in design and blend in well with various bathroom decor.  Below are the more common types.

Suction cup grab bars usually can be installed without tools; a smooth surface is required for proper adhesion.  They are portable and provide added assistance at home or when traveling.  These are typically not intended to provide full support.  

They are used in showers, tub, and other areas such as stairwell for assistance.

Floor mounted grab bars are typically poles.  They may be a straight pole, a model with a bar that pivots, or may also be one with curves at different levels to facilitate pulling yourself up.  The various poles may be from floor to ceiling or may be half that height. 

They can be placed in different rooms or areas of the home where support and convenience.

ADA gab bars Follow the specifications listed in the American Disability Act section 4.26 regarding installation, size, placement, positioning and other guidelines.   ADA compliance is required for public and commercial handicapped accessible restrooms. 

Compliance is not required for private residences.  However, many people prefer to use ADA compliant equipment at home.

These models can also be in various styles, colors or shapes as long as they are in compliance with the guidelines.  

The most common style of Bathroom safety grab bars is the straight bar in chrome or stainless steel type finish or in white placed either horizontally (across) or vertically (up and down).  However, there are many other styles available that are both functional and appealing.

What You Need to Look For

When making your selection it is important to verify the weight capacity of the equipment prior to purchasing to make sure it is adequate for its intended use.  

For example If it is to be used by large and heavier persons you will need to look for a model with heavy duty construction also referred to as bariatric, designed for heavier individuals.   These are very limited in style.    

Take a look around our website for the safety bar that best suits your situation.

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