Caregiver Products You Need

Caregiver products are designed to assist caregivers, meaning you don’t have to do all the work.  These products can do some of the work for you.   Caring for the elderly or seniors with disabilities can be demanding. 

Whether you’re a professional caregiver or a family member caring for a loved one, you need to be well equipped.

Let’s face it, elderly care is hard work, it is backbreaking work especially if you are not trained for it; most family caregivers do not have formal training in this area.  However, you do need to protect yourself from injuries and maintain your own health.

Make Your Life Easier with Caregiver Products

These products often benefit both the  patient and the person providing care.   In some cases seniors may  experience a feeling of independence because the products help them do things on their own.  The caregiver benefits because the work becomes less strenuous.

Transfer Systems:

SuperBar, Floor mounted grab bars

SuperPole or SuperBar- These are poles that are fixed to the floor and go up to the ceiling.  Models range from a simple pole (SuperPole) to a pole with a bar that pivots, meaning it moves with you as needed (SuperBar, picture on the left).  These can be placed in bathrooms, living space or other areas where support is needed.

They facilitate transfers and provide the necessary support for patients to pull themselves up from a sitting position, stand and move around as necessary (professional installation is recommended).

Pivot Disc- This tool pivots (picture on the right); meaning it moves with the patient and makes it easier to turn the body to transfer to another surface, for example from a wheelchair to a toilet, to or from a chair or other transfers.   It is useful for people with mobility impairment.

Transfer Board- This is a simple tool that allows someone to go from one surface to another, for example from a bed to a wheelchair.  This  board would be placed between the bed and the wheelchair to allow the patient to move across the two surfaces.

Pivot Disc Transfer Device

Transfer Sling- supports the weight of the individual while eliminating hand grasping.  Reduces stress on patient and caregivers back.

Bed Trapeze with Pole- This provides support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed.   The trapeze bar for bed allows the patient to pull himself or herself up.   This system is suitable for those who require moderate assistance to achieve a sitting position in bed (see images at the top of this page).

Sliding transfer bench- facilitates bathing as the patient remains in a sitting position to enter and exit the tub or shower area.  The sliding feature allows movement in and out of the tub or shower with minimum effort from the caregiver (see the video for this product at the top right of the page “Elderly Caregiver…”)

The caregiver products listed above have been helpful to numerous care providers.  Take a look around our website for more tools to assist those who provide care.

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