Disability Equipment for a Productive Lifestyle

Disability Equipment benefits people who have some type of impairment whether it’s physical or other type that limits their natural ability to perform certain activities on their own.  

The gradual progression of reduced abilities associated with aging often means that some form of assistance is needed in order to perform the basic activities of daily living that were once simple and easy to accomplish.  Let’s face it, aging means things just don’t work the same way anymore. 

Reduced abilities may result from an accident, heart attack, arthritis or other condition.   Thanks to modern technology many of the common challenges can be met by using the right equipment .

Disability Equipment that Make Your Life Easier

Dealing with a disabling condition and its imposed limitations can be frustrating and depressing.  The use of appropriate equipment and devices can help you maintain a productive lifestyle. 

Transfer Systems

Transfer systems such as an advantage rail (shown below) helps you transfer from one surface to another.  A superBar Pivot Transfer or superpole with superbar works the same way as the advantage rail but goes all the way up to the ceiling.  These can also can get you in and out of the shower or tub area, from a wheelchair to a toilet, shower seat, bench,  or other surface.

Handicap Transfer Bar System

Your Mobility:

If you are not able to walk on your own, depending on your condition scooters for the elderly can be an effective way of getting around without walking.   There are models that can be taken apart easily for convenient travel.

A walking aid designed for the elderly such as a rollator or walker help many seniors meet their mobility challenges.   Some of the models can be folded when not in use.

Medical wheelchairs are available for those who need them.  They range from basic to custom built depending on the condition.

There are several models to choose from within each of these types of mobility aid ranging from very basic to top of the line.

Mobility Access:

Using elderly mobility devices often require access equipment such as a ramp.  Portable handicap ramps can give you access whenever you need it.   They are convenient, easy to use and carry around and are also available for door thresholds to facilitate transitions.  modular ramps for main home entrance are also available.

Portable Handicap Ramp

They are used for scooters, wheelchairs and also make moving around easier for people who use a walker, rollator, cane or crutches.  Portable handicap ramps also make traveling much easier. 

Using the Bathroom:

This area can be very challenging.  Grab bars are probably the most important disability equipment in a bathroom. 

They should be placed in the shower / tub area, near the toilet and wherever support is needed.  This alone makes the bathroom environment safer . 

Toilet Grab Bars

Additionally, a toilet seat frame can be placed around the toilet for convenient support.  An elevated toilet seat can be placed on the original toilet for added convenience.

These are just a few examples of how the use of appropriate equipment can help to meet the needs of daily living and the challenges many elders face with routine activities.  Look   around our website for more equipment that can suit your needs.

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