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Disabled elderly people benefit from adaptive products resulting from cutting technology not previously available.   The various devices offer superior comfort and relief to those with impairments that limit their natural ability to perform basic activities on their own.

Chronic and disabling conditions such as hearing loss, heart disease and arthritis are common among older adults. 

Fortunately, in today’s environment there are devices for elderly and disabled people that can effectively address many of the conditions that restrict natural physical movement.  These can range from simple devices to complex disability medical equipment. 

Devices for Disabled Elderly People

This type of equipment is not limited to wheelchairs and ramps.   Disabled seniors may have impairments that do not affect their mobility and may require different type of assistance.

Hearing Difficulty and Your Health:

Hearing loss is a common disabling condition among older adults.   It can lead to depression, isolation and overall reduced functional health. 

A specialized phone designed for people with hearing disorders facilitates normal phone conversations and keeps them connected with others. 

This can help avoid feelings of isolation and even promote participation in social activities which in turn contributes to a healthier lifestyle for older adults. 

Personal listening devices and other hearing and communication equipment are also available.

Limitations Associated with Heart Disease:

Seniors are more likely to have coronary heart disease (also known as a heart attack or chest pain) than other age groups.  It is more debilitating than other types of heart disease.  

Seniors with heart disease often have difficulty getting into and out of bed and may require assistance with eating, walking, bathroom use, dressing, or other activities.

Getting in Bed or out of Bed
Consider a support rail or pole by your bed to hold on to as you stand up.  When getting out of bed get up slowly and sit on the edge of the bed first before trying to stand up. 

If you go through this process too fast you may experience dizziness and loss of balance as you stand.   Get into bed slowly and hold on to the support rail.

Dining and Dressing
Dressing kits are available to help you get dressed and specialized eating equipment designed with a wider grip allows you to hold utensils more comfortably.  

Bathroom Use
There are many options in this area.  You will need to assess your specific situation to see which one will be more suitable for you. 

For walking there are various walking equipment and aids to assist you, from rollators to different cane models (see our page for walking equipment).

We discuss various options in more detail the related pages listed below.

These are just a few of the products that have helped many disabled elderly people with specific conditions.   Take a look at the related pages below for possible solutions for your situation.

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