Elder Care Products For Daily Tasks

Elder care products can provide ease, comfort and convenience.   From bathroom use to bed safety to support needed to stand up and other functions, elder products can simplify your daily tasks all around.

They can allow you to perform tasks on your own.  Having the ability to do things on your own gives a sense of freedom and confidence even if the task is completed with minimum assistance.  They can also benefit caregivers as they often minimize effort required from both the caregiver and the person receiving care

Products for elder care are also available for people with disabilities whether it is mobility impairment or other reduced functions.   There are also models with heavy duty construction also referred to as bariatric for people who are larger and heavier.

Elder Care Products for Your Daily Challenges

Poles- An advantage pole (see image on the right) provides support when needed and assists with standing or sitting as necessary. These can be placed in the bathroom, living area bedroom or other areas for assistance and convenience. This equipment also facilitates transfers with less effort.

Advantage Pole, Transfer Support Bar

Bedside Commode- A portable commode next to the bed may be easier than trying to find your way to the bathroom at night.  This is particularly convenient if you have trouble with balance, walking to the bathroom at may put you at risk of falling.

With a commode close to the bed, you can transfer from the bed to the commode in a safe manner.  They offer convenience and are available in different styles and weight capacity including bariatric models to suit larger heavier people. 

Disposable Commode Liners- Disposable liners can be placed inside the commode pail.  All you need to do is remove it from the pail and dispose of it after it is used.  The liners typically have a built in odor neutralizer.  It is a sanitary way to dispose of commode waste.

Trapeze Bar- A trapeze bar can provide the support needed to help move around while in bed, turn and settle in a more comfortable position or to sit up on the bed. 

This super trapeze system (picture on the right) comes complete with a SuperPole for added support.

Trapeze Bar

When considering purchasing these items remember to check the weight capacity to make sure the item you are interested in is suitable for the person who will be using it.

These are just a few of the Elder Care Products that can assist you with daily tasks and challenges.  For more assistive solutions see the pages listed below:

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