Elderly Caregiver Tools
Can Make Your Work Easier

An elderly caregiver is someone who provides care or assistance for an older person.  This may be partial assistance or care twenty four hours a day (around the clock).   Caregivers for the elderly may be trained professionals or family members. 

Studies show that family members provide about 82 percent of the care for an elder family member.

As a family caregiver you may find yourself in a complex situation where you may need to balance the concerns of your own immediate family, a career, and the responsibility of caring for older parents or other family member. 

As challenging as this may be, caring for an aging loved one can be highly rewarding as it is an opportunity for you to express appreciation and love for the support this elder has given you over the years. 

Did you know this?

Older adults will account for approximately 20% of the U.S. population by 2030.

This means the need for care giving for older adults either by professionals or by family members will increase dramatically during the next few decades.

Whether you are an elderly parent caregiver, a professional in the field or caring for a loved one it is important to use adequate tools to assist you with this work. 

Caregivers for elderly people often engage in a lot of lifting pushing and pulling.  This can easily strain your back.  This is where proper caregiver equipment comes in handy.

Are You Providing Care for an Elder Who is Bedridden?

Elderly Caregiver Tools for the Help You Need

Portable Bath tub- This potable tub allows your patient  to enjoy a bath without leaving
the bed.  Just need to roll into the tub, inflate it, fill it with water and enjoy a bath.
Drain and deflate when done, it’s simple and convenient.

Portable Hair Wash Sink- This portable sink lets you wash your patient’s hair right from the bed.   Just inflate the sink and  fill it with water ; when done drain and deflate the sink.

Portable Bath Tub, Portable Shampoo Basin

A lift Walker- This is a specialized walker that allows patients to lift themselves up with minimum assistance.  It is used as a regular walker with the added lift feature (see image at top left of this page).

Sliding Transfer Bench-  This facilitates bathing as the patient simply sits in the chair/ bench with the seat belt fastened and slides into the bathtub area while seated.  After bathing, the patient just slides out of the tub area and either gets up from the bench or transfers from the bench to another surface (see video at top right of this page).

These are just a couple of the tools that many elderly caregivers have found very helpful.   We discuss more tools in the page below: 

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