Handicap Bathroom Equipment
for Safer Washroom Use

Handicap bathroom equipment is designed to facilitate bathroom use for the handicapped.  However, they also benefit seniors who are not disabled as they make the washroom environment safer for both seniors and disabled persons.  

The space would typically be designed to suit the user’s needs, fixtures and accessories would be positioned accordingly.   

Equipment such as support bars used in a handicapped bathroom is usually ADA compliant, meaning it follows specific guidelines set forth in the American Disability Act (ADA). 

Handicap bathroom grab bars are one of the most important equipment in the washroom as they provide the support needed for a person to move around in this space.  They are also available in heavy duty construction (also referred to as bariatric) for people who are heavier.

SuperBar, Floor mounted grab bars
Bathroom Safety Grab Bars

Handicap Bathroom Equipment for Ease & Comfort

Installation should be completed by a licensed contractor.  Improper installation can result in malfunction, injuries and other issues.

Grab bars for bathrooms are typically placed in the shower area, tub, around the toilet, and wherever support is needed (see image at center right above and also on left at top of page). 

Not all parts are ADA compliant.  The requirement for public or commercial spaces does not extend to a personal residence.  However, many individuals prefer to use ADA compliant parts in their home although they tend to be a bit more expensive.  Licensed contractors also tend to use ADA compliant equipment for home remodeling.

Other Equipment May Include:

Shower Wheelchair when using a roll in type shower as wheelchair allows you to wheel into the shower area and wheel out to exit when you are done.

Shower seats if you are using a regular shower or tub at home.  You will likely need to transfer onto a seat in the shower or tub to bathe.  These seats are available in teak, plastic or other material.  Models with commodes are also available.

Transfer system to transfer from one surface to another for example from a wheelchair to a shower seat or other surface.  This system may be a transfer rail, Transfer bench, board, or other type (see transfer rail on right at top of page and on left right above).

Bath tub lifts allow you to enjoy a bath with minimum effort.  You transfer right onto the lift and use a remote control to lower the lift to the bottom of the tub to enjoy your bath. 

Some models even have a reclining feature.  When done, just raise the lift back to the tub border level to transfer out of the tub area.  It is simple and also portable so you can take it with you when traveling (see image on right above, see video at Bath Lift related page link below ).

When selecting handicap bathroom equipment it is important to check the weight capacity to make sure it will be suitable for the user whether it is for an elder or disabled person.

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