Using Hearing Impaired Devices
Can be Life Changing

Hearing impaired devices can help those with hearing trouble to actually hear well whether the condition is age-related noise-induced or perhaps due to another cause.  Assistive technology for hearing impaired individuals has come a long way over the years and goes far beyond a basic ear piece.

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic condition in seniors after arthritis and heart disease.  As we age the changes in the inner ear slowly and gradually affects our ability to hear.  

Did You Know This?

About 30% of adults between ages 65 and 74 and 47% ages 75 and older have a hearing impairment.

The inability to hear is associated with feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration and social isolation.  People tend to withdraw when they are not able to communicate with others and this can lead to health issues.

There are several types of hearing devices that can allow you to hear well enough to have normal conversations, engage in activities, socialize and stay connected with other people.  

What Hearing Impaired Devices Can Do For You

Personal Listener is usually hands-free and wraps around the neck area. It allows you to hear conversations around you, on the cell phone, listen to music watch movies and more.  It is practical and easy to use.

TV listening system allows you to hear television sound at the volume that suits you without disturbing others around you.   It typically includes a headset and is similar to a personal remote control for volume setting.   There are several models that offer additional features for added convenience.

Personal Listener

Amplified telephones are equipped with built in hearing assistive technology that makes incoming sound louder and buffs out internal noise.  This allows for normal phone conversations for those who would not normally be able to hear well enough to communicate by phone. 

Some models also amplify outgoing sound for those with a very low voice; making it easier for the person on the other end to hear.  The styles may be corded, cordless, photo and cellular models.

Personal sound amplifier can be the size of a cell phone, it increases sound levels and reduces background noise for a listener.  Some models have a microphone that can be angled toward a speaker or other source of sound.  The amplified sound can be picked up by a headset or other receiver the user wears.

These are the more common hearing impaired devices.  If you or someone you know cannot hear well consider the options above and take a look around our website for more solutions so you can fully engage in your life’s activities and communicate with those around you.

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