Portable Handicap Ramps
for Quick Convenient Access

Portable handicap ramps offer mobility access when and where you need it.  These are not only for Wheelchair users and scooters users; they also benefit seniors who use assistive walking device such as a rollator or similar equipment.  

The elderly and handicapped enjoy the convenience of having such access equipment readily available.

Having this equipment allows you to move around more freely; many people use them in their home and when traveling.   Portable access ramps are typically lightweight, easy to carry around and are available in various sizes and length.

Do You Know This?

Did You Measure the rise properly? What ramp length would be adequate?

Portable Handicap Ramps for Mobility Needs

In order for this type of mobility access equipment to work properly you must use the right length.  Not doing so can cause it to malfunction and can even result in injuries.   This means the elevation you want to use it for needs to be properly measured (see measuring tips below). 

Once you have accurate measurements you can determine the ramp length needed for the elevation.   There are incline charts that can assist you in determining the length you need (see related page at bottom of this page) .

Once the length is determined you can then select a style.   Keep in mind these are designed for portability so they cannot be too heavy, meaning length availability is likely to be limited otherwise they will not be portable.

Types of Portable Mobility Ramp

Transition also referred to as door ramps are designed to facilitate a smooth transition when it comes to what could otherwise be doorway challenges.  These are usually made of rubber or aluminum (see picture of top right of this page). 

It is not uncommon to have several of these in a home to fill the gap often found in doorways including sliding glass doors.

Suitcase models fold and feature carry handles designed to look like a suitcase.

Single fold or Tri-fold, single fold models only folds once in order to carry.  Tri-fold models fold three times in order to carry around (picture on right).  

Rolling models can be rolled up like a sleeping bag when not in use and deployed for use when necessary.  They offer some flexibility as they can also be custom made.

Tri-fold Ramp

The models listed above are some of the more common Portable Handicap Ramps that are readily available for use.  They work for wheelchairs, scooters and other equipment.
Getting the right length is the key to having this convenient access work for you. 

Take a look at the elevation chart if you need assistance with this process.

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