A Raised Toilet Seat for Easy Bathroom Use

Having trouble with bathroom use?  A raised toilet seat may be your answer.  It adds several inches to the potty so you can sit and stand with less effort.  

These elevated toilet seats are commonly used by seniors, handicapped persons, people who had hip surgery and anyone who needs this type of assistance.

These seats offer comfort and ease of use.  They are widely used in elderly bathrooms and for handicap bathroom toilets.   If you're interested in having one in your home it's important that you select the right model.

Tips for Selecting a Raised Toilet Seat

  • Know your comfort station.  Do you have a standard toilet or do you have one with an elongated shape? If you have a regular standard one you need to select a seat that is for a standard potty.  If yours is elongated, you'll need to select a seat with an elongated shape. 

    The seat you select has to be suitable for the type of toilet you have, otherwise it won't fit properly.

  • Know your condition.  Do you need some support to raise yourself up?  If you do you may want to consider a raised toilet seat with arms.   You can hold on to the arms for support while you get up.  Make sure there is some space around the potty because the arms extend out on the sides (see picture on the left below).

  • Determine how many inches you need to add to the potty in order for you to sit with less effort.   Keep in mind your feet should still be on the floor when you sit on the riser.
Raised Toilet Seats

The image at the center above is a hinged model that allows you to use your original seat cover to keep the toilet closed.

Be sure you select the right seat riser that will suit your needs as these are hygiene products that are typically not returnable after purchasing. 

There are also support frames that go around the potty for those who need it (see picture on the right above).  They are designed to provide support in lowering and raising one’s self to and from the seat. 

They are separate from the elevated seat and they do take up space around the potty.  However, they don’t require any wall installation as would grab bars. 

These frames are not a replacement for grab bars.  If you're interested in these be sure to check the weight capacity for them. 

Keep in mind the choices are rather limited for these frames, as you don't have many different models to choose from.  If you don’t find one you like consider having grab bars installed for the support you need.

Many older adults and people with disabilities benefit from using elevated toilet seats.  They are simple to use and to install.  It’s a matter of selecting the right one for your situation.

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