Senior Products
for the Ease and Comfort You Deserve

Senior products can give you the ease and comfort you deserve.  Many elders experience challenges when performing simple chores that used to be very easy to complete.  

There are various aids for daily living that can address conditions such as trouble with balance, limited range of motion, difficulty standing and other hardships that are often associated with aging. 

Products for senior citizens are designed to meet the special needs of older adults. They allow elders to move about more freely and perform their daily activities with ease.  

The various devices that are now available also make independent living for seniors more feasible.

Senior Products to Help You With:

Limited Range of Motion

For hard to reach objects a reacher , also known as an item reacher or reacher grabber can add twenty inches or more to your reach.

This device acts much like an extension and has a tip that allows you to pick up objects from a distance with minimum effort. They also come in foldable models for your convenience.

These are just a few senior products that can assist with some of the most common challenges older adults face daily. 

Item Reacher

Getting In or Out of Bed

If you have trouble maintaining your balance, a bed rail, bed cane or pivot transfer rail can provide the necessary support you can keep your balance as you get up and stand on your feet to begin walking. 

There are different models available to suit different needs.  Some of them can be moved as needed.

Getting up from a Chair

The assist-a tray provides much needed assistance to get up from a chair or couch.  It also features a convenient table top (see picture at top right of this page).

A portable seat cushion may be also be a solution.  It gives you a lift up to help you stand up (picture on right).  

There are models that do not require any battery or electricity, making it easy to carry with you and use as needed.  Be sure to check the weight capacity for this product to make sure it's suitable for your weight.

Portable Lift Seat Assist

Getting Out of the Car

If you find it difficult to move your body around to get out of the car consider using car aids such as a swivel seat cushion and car handle.  The cushion will move with you so that you can turn your body with less effort to exit the car.  

A car handle will give you the support you need so you can exit safely (see image at top left of this page). 

There are also senior safety products that are designed to facilitate bathroom use for older adults. They are also available in bariatric models for people who are heavier.

Take a look at the various aids for daily living on our website to see which ones are more suitable for your specific needs.  Also see the related pages below.

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