Senior Safety:
Things You May Not Know

Senior safety is a serious matter as older adults experience physical changes and health conditions that can make them susceptible to accidents at home.  Elderly safety in the home is often not given the attention it deserves. 

Many people don’t realize that a senior friendly living environment can prevent emergency room visits and serious injuries such as hip fractures and head injuries that can have lasting effects on one’s life.

Appropriate safety devices for the elderly and a few adjustments in the home environment can reduce the risk of accidents, especially falls. 

Here’s What You May Not Know

Falls are the most common cause of injury among older people.  According to the Center for Disease Control one out of three older adults aged 65 or older falls each year.  Most of them don’t talk to their doctor or healthcare professional about it. 

These falls can result in hip fractures, head trauma and other serious injuries.

What You Can Do at Home for Senior Safety


  • Grab bars in shower or tub area.

  • Use an elevated toilet seat and support bar around the toilet area.

  • Strong plastic seat in the tub or shower and a hand-held shower head for bathing while you remain seated.
Bathroom Safety Product
  • Non-slip mat in the shower or tub area.

  • Consider a phone with an emergency pendant or device you can wear that will get you help quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Keep emergency contacts visible near phones in case someone needs to call for you.
  • Inspect every room and area of the home for hazards.
  • Remove small throw rugs or loose rugs or make sure they can’t slip or buckle.
  • Place rails on both sides of the stairs, ensure steps are clear, even and skid free.
  • Consider physical activities such as walking even if you need a walker-rollator to assist you. This improves strength, coordination, balance and helps to reduce risk of falls.

Elderly Safety for Independent Living Lifestyles

Senior safety is a growing concern as older adults seek to retain their independence.   The need for periodic assessments of the home environment as you age can’t be overstated.   Safe and independent living is possible with the necessary adjustments and safety devices for the elderly.  

Keep in mind that no amount of adjustment can guarantee accidents will never happen.  However, you can take the necessary steps that are known to work in order to reduce the risk of falls in the home and have an emergency plan just in case it’s needed.

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