A Standing Aid
to Maintain Your Balance as You Stand

A standing aid can provide the needed support for you stand up and maintain your balance in the process.    Many seniors have trouble standing on their own either due to weakened legs, medication side effects or other conditions. 

Depending on your condition, you may want to consider physical activity such as walking even with a walking device if you need it.  This movement helps to strengthen the leg muscles and that in turn helps to maintain better balance.

Standing support is available in various styles including those with advanced technology.   You can use them anywhere and whenever you need to.  Some models are portable for convenient travel.

How to Select a Standing Aid

  • Know the weight capacity of the support device.  One of the most important factors to consider is the weight capacity of the device you would like to use.   The one you select must be adequate for your weight.
  • Determine where this aid will be used.  If you need assistance to get into your bed or out of your bed, you will want a device such as a bed support rail designed for that purpose.   For the bathroom you would want the appropriate grab bars and so forth.

  • Determine if you need a portable model.  Some of the devices are available in a portable version for easy travel.

Having Trouble Getting Out of the Car?

Car Aids

You can also benefit from a standing aid to get out of your car with ease with the auto mobility solution above.   You will first need to turn your body to face the door.   A seat cushion that swivels helps you do that. 

Once you make that turn a specialized handle provides the needed assistance for you to stand and exit the car and helps you maintain your balance as you stand.

How About a Gentle Lift Up?

A lift chair will give you a gentle lift up to make it easier for you to stand.  The portable version is a seat assist that you can take along with you and place it on a seat when and where necessary.

Lift Up Chair, Portable Lift Seat

The same mechanism works for a portable commode.   It can be used separately or over the toilet.  It actually lifts some of your weight for you so you can raise yourself up with minimum effort.

Other standing devices include security pole, pole with bar, lift walker and couch cane.  The poles require installation and are fixed to the floor.  They can be placed in different rooms in the home (see images for poles and lift walker at the top of this pate). 

The couch cane is movable and is typically used with a couch or large chair.  The lift walker can be carried around to use as necessary.

These are some of the devices to assist you with maintaining your balance as you get up from a seat.  Look around our website for more support solutions.

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