Vision Impaired Aids:
Easy to Use Easy to See

The use of vision impaired aids can make life a bit easier and more productive for those with poor eyesight.   Many seniors benefit from devices with low vision technology. 

From vision impaired computer to large button remote control and many others,  they allow seniors to engage in activities they enjoy and move around freely.

As we age, we are far more likely to have age-related eye conditions.   Age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma strike many older adults.

This does not have to mean you cannot enjoy a full life.  For severe conditions or total loss of eyesight there are organizations that specialize in teaching people new skills to adjust to their condition and have a productive lifestyle.

For less severe cases there are several low vision devices that can assist with specific conditions.

Vision Impaired Aids for Your Daily Activities

Below are some common visual aids:

Low vision phone typically has large numbers on the keypad to make it easier to dial.  There are also models that allow you to place a picture on the buttons to represent the number you want to dial so you don’t have to actually dial long numbers.   You would need to pre-program the numbers you want the pictures to represent. 

Picture Phone

Low vision magnifiers make the print larger so you can easily read it.  They are available in many different styles and sizes including pocket size to carry with you.  These come in handy in restaurants to read the menu.  

Other models include larger sizes with a stand.   These are usually placed on a desk top.  Magnifiers can range from very simple to stylish and elegant.  Hand magnifiers are more common.

Vibrating watches can be set to vibrate at a certain time so you don’t need to look at the time.  They also offer other features and are great for helping you to keeping appointments or notify you to get ready.   They also make excellent gifts.

High contrast clocks either digital or regular with enlarged numbers are helpful to people with impaired vision.   Some models also have a vibrating feature so you can set it to vibrate at a certain time so you know what time it is when it vibrates.

These are just some of the vision impaired aids that help many seniors cope with poor vision.  There are also recreational items such as large print playing cards and others.
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